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Air Compressor Pipework Installation


Looking to modify an existing installation or looking for a new Air Compressor Pipework Installation?

Air4u Group can provide a free consultation on Compressed Air Systems and will help you to design a Pipework System to suit your needs. 

Running new pipework for air compressors is an effective and efficient way to reduce the risk of equipment downtime, while also improving the quality of the compressed air supply. The installation of new pipework eliminates any possibility that existing components are corroded or leaking, and reduces energy losses due to friction in connecting joints. This improved efficiency can help lower operating costs and increase system reliability. Additionally, it reduces stress on other components, such as pumps and filters, by providing a more consistent flow rate.

New pipework enables better control over pressures and temperatures when supplying compressed air from one source to several machines. This is necessary to ensure that the highest quality products are produced with minimal impact on product yield and overall efficiency. 

Installation of new pipework requires specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure that the job is completed according to industry standards. Air4u Group's qualified technicians should be consulted prior to any installation projects, as this will help prevent potential problems like air quality issues or pipe failure in the future.

Running new pipework can also enable additional features, such as filtration systems, which optimise performance further. This ensures that compressed air meets current safety regulations and reduces noise levels for a more comfortable working environment.

Air4u Group can supply and install a variety of Compressed Air Pipework types.

We offer many types of pipework from modern aluminium to traditional galvanised, stainless steel and plastic. All our pipes are compliant with the latest health and safety pressure regulations.

Our sizes of Galvanised nominal bore tubing ranges up to 6" BSP and 25 bar working pressure.

Aluminium has become the industry standard for complete compressed air piping systems because it is both anti-corrosive and lightweight, and easy to handle. We recommend AIRnet optimized piping solutions available in aluminium sizes ranging from 20mm-158mm and up to 16 bar working pressure. AIRnet press-fit stainless steel is up to 100mm. AIRnet is fast and easy to install and flexible for easy modifications to your system in the future, should you require it. AIRnet is reliable, safe and maintenance free! 

Air4u Group's Engineers are fully trained and have many years experience in Pipework Installations. Whatever system is best for you, Air4u Groups Engineers can complete the installation, no matter how big or small.

Once completed, we can also assist with a Written Scheme of Examination in accordance with Pressure System Regulations. For more information on this, please see our previous blog on our website   

You can also visit the Health and Safety Executive website at  which has a free download available. 

Please contact us on 01903 257213 for more information or please follow the link to send us an email at :