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Air4u Group Compressed Air Pipework

Air4u Group provides free consultation on Compressed Air Systems and will design a Pipework System to suit your needs.

We supply a variety of Compressed Air Pipework

We offer many types of pipework from modern aluminium to traditional galvanised, stainless steel and plastic. All our pipes are compliant with the latest health and safety pressure regulations.

Tubing Material Types

Our sizes of Galvanised nominal bore tubing ranges up to 6″ BSP.
The Aluminium sizes range from 20mm – 158mm. Stainless steel up to 100mm. All are corrosion, pressure and impact resistant.

Whichever system is best for your application, our engineers are fully trained and with many years of experience can complete the installation no matter how big or small.

Contact Air4u Group for Compressed Air Pipework

Please call us to discuss your pipework requirements.

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