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Nitrogen Generators from Air4u Group

Are you finding it expensive to buy in bottled nitrogen?

Then why not change to a nitrogen generator installed on-site?

Nitrogen gas generators are cost effective because they produce a regular supply of gas and eliminate the need for delivery and storage of nitrogen.

Nitrogen gas is a dry, inert gas produced using air separation by mechanical means, by taking atmospheric air (i.e. the air that you are breathing – 78% nitrogen & 20.9% oxygen the other 1% is made up of various gases e.g. argon), pressurizing it in an air compressor and then separating it with either a membrane or PSA (pressure swing adsorption) generator.

Liquid or bottled Nitrogen delivery and storage can be very expensive. Nitrogen Generators produce a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen on site using your existing compressed air equipment thus offering a cost effective and reliable alternative to bulk deliveries.


Nitrogen Generators have a wide variety of applications, including serving as an inert replacement for air where oxidation is undesirable:

  • Tyre Inflation Preventing loss of pressure, overheating tyres, damage to the tyres and wheel rims
  • Food (MAP) To preserve the freshness of packaged or bulk foods (by delaying rancidity and other forms of oxidative damage) – crisps, nuts, snack foods and packaged salads.
  • Laser Metal Cutting (burring reduction)
  • Bottling To preserve the freshness of wine (by delaying rancidity and other forms of oxidative damage)
  • On top of liquid explosives as a safety measure – paints and solvents
  • The production of electronic parts such as transistors, diodes and integrated circuits (prevents oxygen and moisture)
  • Dried and pressurized, as a dielectric gas for high voltage equipment
  • Use in military aircraft fuel systems to reduce fire hazard.

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