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Are you paying too much?


Are you paying too much for your compressed air because of leaks or pipework problems? Is your pipework sized correctly? 

You may need to consider your pipework diameter. Pipes that are too small will cause a high pressure drop. If systems lose pressure, businesses lose money because they need to produce more air to overcome the pressure differential. Sometimes, a large pressure drop in the pipeline is compensated by increasing the working pressure of the compressor, for example, from 7 bar(e) to 8 bar(e). 

On a recent site audit, we found that a customer was generating air at 2.5 bar over pressure. From the audit, we calculated that by installing the correctly sized pipework and reducing the pressure, they would save in excess of £35,000 per annum!!!

Whether you need a full installation, pipework extension or just a single drop, Air4U Limited will help you design, supply and undertake the installation to meet your requirements. 

We offer many types of pipework, from modern aluminium to traditional galvanised, stainless steel and plastic. All our pipes are compliant with the latest health and safety pressure regulations. 

  • Our sizes of galvanised nominal bore tubing ranges up to 6" BSP.
  • Aluminium sizes range from 20mm - 158mm.
  • Stainless steel up to 100mm.
  • All are corrosion, pressure and impact resistant.

Whichever system is best for you application, Air4u Limited engineers are fully trained, and with many years of experience, they can complete the installation, no matter how big or small! 

To talk to one of our team about your Compressed Air Requirements, please call 01903 257117 or email

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